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    Quantum platform: Xanadu, Strawberry Fields

    Solving the Max-Cut problem with continuous variable quantum computing

    The following open-source code was prepared as part of the Quantum Machine Learning Hackathon organized by Creative Desctruction Lab on the 19-20th of July 2018. The solution has earned BOHR∞'s team two prizes: Winner of the Xanadu Hackathon Challenge and Global Ranking: Second Prize Winner.


    We explored the potential of solving optimization problems (in particular the Max-Cut) on a continuous variable quantum system. We used for this purpose Strawberry Fields' photonic quantum computing platform.


    As a starting point we used Xanadu's research which covers representing un-weighted graphs on a photonic quantum circuit (arXiv:1712.06729). We then focussed on representing weighted graphs on a quantum circuit. In the end we managed to solve the Max-Cut problem.



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