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    find out more about quantum computing, quantum machine learning and the technology we use to work on optimization

    We apply the cutting edge solutions in quantum computing, quantum programming and quantum algorithms to discover new approaches to tackling optimization problems. Our approach to designing quantum algorithms and quantum software revolves around two principles:

    • quantum should be simple - integrating our quantum software into your company will always be a simple task
    • quantum should be efficient - we devote considerable time to R&D and are striving to find the newest algorithms to solve your problems better and faster 


    our approach

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    We are currently reaching the limits for creating ever more powerful (super)computers. This happens for several reasons:

    • supercomputers consume huge amounts of energy & take up a lot of space
    • Moore's Law - we are reaching the limits of the number of transistors we can place on a circuit, given that those transistors cannot become any more smaller
    • Amdahl's Law - an infinite increase in the number of processors does not lead to an increase in power

    As a result, many complex opimization problems will remain hard to solve on classic computers:

    • travelling salesperson problem
    • vehicle routing problem
    • traffic optimization
    • vehicle rescheduling problem

    limits of classical computers

    Source: Wikipedia
    Source: Wikipedia
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    The solution to this problem lies in Quantum Computers:

    • computers that aren't based on transistors
    • computers that use principles of quantum mechanics (such as superposition and entanglement) to perform operations on data
    • computers that do not encode data in bits which can only be in one of two states (0 or 1) but rather use quantum bits (qubits) which can be in a superposition of states (0 or 1 or anything in-between)

    Those computers will help us solve the most complex and complicated problems in the world, in the following areas:

    • Machine Learning (clustering, scenario analysis, AI)
    • optimization (logistics, energy)
    • simulations (chemistry, fertizilers, medical)
    • cryptography (cybersecurity, random number generation)

    what is a quantum computer?

    Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PHsTeG41GpA/VH_IIs68thI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/mybAgN6Podo/s1600/Screenshot%2Bfrom%2B2014-12-03%2B21%3A30%3A42.png

    Example of potential quantum speed-ups in prime factorization - crucial for the most common cryptographic schemes

    Source: Rigetti Computing (https://www.rigetti.com/content/images/exponential-scaling.png)
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