• Quantum TSP

    Quantum platform: Rigetti, Forest

    open-source app for solving the Travelling Salesman Problem with Rigetti's quantum computing platform

    Quantum computing is still a rather new area of technology.


    In our work we explore potential applications of quantum algorithms to complex optimisation problems in the field of transportation. We see however that oftentimes the clients, partners, investors, CEOs and CTOs we interact with are still new to the field and don’t see precise examples of what the technology could be used for and whether products can be built around it.


    This is to a large extent due to the fact that there are indeed very few practical quantum software products that an average person can interact with. To address this issue we decided to develop the Quantum TSP open-source app. Quantum TSP is a simple web app that allows to solve the Travelling Salesman Problem (link) on a Quantum Computer.


    You can find the code for the app on GitHub:


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