• about the bqResearcher initiative

    #quantumforeverybody - the bqResearcher initiative is one of our first actions part of the bqEcosystem - learn more about what it is, who is it for and how you can contribute?


    the bqReseacher initiative is dedicated to people interested in exploring quantum programming and developing some practical open-source code to benefit the entire quantum computing community


    the purpose of the initiative is simple:

    • make quantum efficient - improve current quantum solutions
    • make quantum simple - simplify its access
    • make quantum for everybody - popularize its use
    eligible researchers will:
    • define a research challenge together with our team
    • work for 3 months on the solution and the code with our support and access to quantum hardware
    • submit the code to our GitHub (and write a paper)
    • promote it across the community


    anyone interested in exploring the intellectual challenges of quantum computing

  • FAQs

    some questions you might have...

    Will I have to work full time?

    No. The problem we work on should be simple and fun - so that you can easily solve it by working on it in your spare time for 3 months. This isn't a full-time job - rather a pleasant intellectual endeavour.

    Do you hire bqResearchers?

    Yes. We are very willing to hire successful bqResearchers for full-time internships, jobs or other positions. Although this will usually require relocating to one of our offices - in Warsaw, Poland or Toronto, Canada - we are willing to consider remote work. And yes, we help with the Visa process.

    Will the challenge be difficult?

    The challenge will be adequate. We work together on defining it and whatever we chose to work on, will correspond to your skills and the time you're willing to allocate.

    Do I have to be present at your office?

    No, the program is fully remote and we have people working from as far as Hong-Kong, Singapore or New-York. Though if you're willing to drop by our office - we'll be more than happy to have you. 

    Do I need any quantum computing knowledge?

    No. The purpose is to gain this knowledge from us. However any previous knowledge certainly won't hurt.

    Can we work in groups?

    Sure. Just mention in the application that you're part of a team/group..

  • how?

    6 steps in the bqResearcher program



    submit a brief application to our program



    we take 7 days to look at your application and another 7 to define a problem on which we'll work together as well as the plan of our cooperation



    we cooperate for 3 months on the solution

    we provide you with the necessary quantum hardware and the mentoring



    after 3 months we submit the code to our GitHub - you are listed as the author



    we write a blogpost to showcase your work and if the subject is worthy we can write a paper



    we promote your work across the community

  • current researchers

    find out more about researchers currently partnering with us

  • alumni

    learn more about our past bqResearchers and what they say

  • submit your application and join other researchers across the world!

    we'll get back in 7 days

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