• bqFellowship

    bqFellowship is a non-stipendiary, remote affiliation program directed at university researchers with a PhD, who are interested in collaborating in their research agenda with Bohr Technology

    This might include for example:

    • applying for grants with Bohr Technology as an industry partner

    • participating in research programs and realization of grants at Bohr Technology

    • sharing of knowledge and teaching new generation of scientists via workshops

    and much more...

    We are open to experienced researchers who can bring value to the quantum computing community and are looking for an industry partner to realize their goals. If you are looking for challenging problems to solve, we will be happy to talk as well.


    In order to apply for a bqFellowship write to us through the contact form describing what kind of collaboration you are looking for.

    contact us

    If you're interested in working with us, drop us an e-mail at: office@bohr.technology

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