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Quantum computing landscape - July 2018

Who is who in the world of quantum computing?

People often ask us about the quantum computing landscape? Is it happening? Are there other companies than us in the game? Hopefully the little infographic below will help clarify this:

Credits; Eric Brown, Creative Destruction Lab

As you can see above the quantum computing landscape is fairly robust and can be broken down into several categories:

  • quantum hardware: companies that focus on building quantum computers and providing the programming languages/software for creating applications - these can be further broken down into 3 categories (universal superconducting, other universal, annealing) depending on the approach those companies have
  • enabling technologies: those complement hardware and strive to make the use of hardware much easier. This includes companies that provide solutions for facilitating the control of quantum computers (like Q Spice Labs) or companies that work on error correction (like Q-Ctrl)
  • applications & consulting: there is also a group of companies that work on specific industry problems and are looking to build quantum computing software solutions for  chemistry or optimization, The latter includes BOHR∞!
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