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BOHR∞’s CEO keynote speech at impact mobility '18 rEVolution

It is with the greatest pleasure that we’d like to announce that our CEO - Witold Kowalczyk - will be attending the impact mobility '18 rEVolution and host a keynote address titled “Quantum Computing - the future of (electro)mobility”. The keynote will be on the Main Stage at 12:25 pm on the second day of the event - September 13th.

impact mobility is one of the biggest events dedicated to innovation in mobility in Europe. It attracts +2000 attendees and +150 speakers. You can find more about all the speakers here:

The keynote will cover what are quantum computers, how quantum optimization algorithms can impact the future of mobility, allowing us to solve various problems such as traffic congestion. The keynote will explore the intersection of current advances in mobility (such as sensors, autonomous driving, 5G, electric vehicles, Smart Cities, shared vehicles) with the newest developments in quantum computing - projecting how the two should go hand-in-hand in the next 5 years..

In particular the focus shall be on the potential that quantum optimization can bring to steering fleets of autonomous vehicles and fighting traffic congestion. We shall also share some of the work that Bohr Technology does in this space.

Save the date: 12:30 pm, September 13th 2018

Location: Main Stage, International Congress Centre, Katowice, Poland

You can register for impact mobility '18 rEVolution here:

For more information please contact: 

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