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BOHR∞ has been selected to the <IMPACT> Connected Car Accelerator

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BOHR∞ has been selected part of a group of 25 European start-ups that have been selected to take part in the first round of the IMPACT Connected Car accelerator.

The accelerator aims to accelerate projects that develop innovations for the connected car industry. IMPACT Connected Car is partnered with global brands including PSA Group, Ferrovial Servicios, and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile.

Startups will have access to up to €60,000 per startup, equity free, in grants and up to €50,000 per startup equity free. Up to €2.1 million will be distributed.

Finally, top startups will have the opportunity to receive private funding of up to €200,000 from participating venture capital funds.

The accelerator is divided into three rounds. As part of the first round we will take part in the IMPACT Connected Car Jury Day at CTAG in Vigo, Spain - between the 23rd and 25th of April.

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