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BOHR∞ announces the bqResearcher & bqFellowship programs


One of our core beliefs is that quantum computing should be simpler and more accessible. This is currently not the case as many quantum programming tools remain obscure and complicated to use. Also, the maths & physics behind every line of quantum code is trickier than usual.

To fill this gap and popularize knowledge about quantum computing, quantum programming and quantum machine learning we have decided to launch today two initiatives as part of our bqEcosystem:

The purpose of those programs is to:

  • make quantum efficient - improve current quantum solutions
  • make quantum simple - simplify access to it
  • make quantum for everybody - popularize its use

The bqResearcher initiative is a programme dedicated primarily for young researchers that are beginning their research careers and would like to start exploring quantum computing. We are looking for those that are looking to develop some practical open-source code to benefit the entire quantum computing community. Eligible researchers will:

  • define a research challenge together with our team
  • work for 3 months on the solution and the code (with our support and access to quantum hardware)
  • submit the code to our GitHub (and write a paper)
  • promote it across the community (with the help of our team)

The bqFellowship is a non-stipendiary, remote affiliation program directed at university researchers with a PhD, who are interested in collaborating in their research agenda with Bohr Technology. This might include for example:

  • applications for grants with Bohr Technology as an industry partner

  • participation in research programs and realization of grants at Bohr Technology

  • sharing of knowledge and teaching new generation of scientists via workshops

If you would like to be a part of our bqEcosystem please contact us via:

  • the bqResearcher application form
  • for bqFellowship queries
  • for general queries on the bqEcosystem

meet our current researchers & fellow



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