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BOHR∞ accepted to Creative Destruction Lab's Quantum Machine Learning program in Toronto

We have the outmost pleasure to announce that BOHR∞ has been accepted into the prestigious Quantum Machine Learning (QML) program run by Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto.

About Creative Destruction Lab & QML

The Quantum Machine Learning (QML) Program at CDL-Toronto is where founders build startups at the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning.

The program brings together entrepreneurs, investors, AI experts, leading quantum information researchers, and our technology partners, D-Wave Systems and Rigetti Computing, to create new ventures at the frontier of quantum machine learning. Participants can also receive US$80k equity investment from Bloomberg Beta, Data Collective, and Spectrum28, office space in downtown Toronto, and intensive technical training from industry and academic leaders in quantum computing and machine learning.

Program Features

By 2022, the QML Program will have produced more well- capitalized, revenue generating quantum machine learning software companies than the rest of the world combined. The majority of these will be based in Canada.

 The QML Program offers a robust set of resources for new founders to launch and scale a startup.
  • Business Guidance and Investor Access – Objective-setting meetings with the CDL Fellows and Associates, a group of highly successful entrepreneurs and investors with expertise in scaling high-tech startups.
  • Capital – Pre-seed investment from three Silicon Valley-based venture capital firms: Bloomberg Beta, Data Collective (DCVC), and Spectrum 28.
  • Quantum Access – Quantum computing resources from our technology partners:
    • D-Wave – D-Wave Sampling Service, an interface to the D-Wave2000Q quantum computer and the D-Wave sampling servers
    • Rigetti Computing – Rigetti Forest programming environment, with access to cloud-connected superconducting quantum processors and Quantum Virtual Machine (QVM);
  • Technical Education – QML bootcamp lead by Professor Peter Wittek, author of the first textbook on quantum machine learning, with tutorials from other experts. Click here to read Dr. Wittek’s latest coauthored review article on QML in Nature.
  • Business Support – Business development support from MBAs at Canada’s top business school, the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

The program is also supported by a wide range of associates and scientists.

Opportunity for BOHR∞

Toronto is one of the birthplaces and hotbeds of AI as well as Quantum Computing. It offers us access to top world technical knowledge and talent in the field of Quantum Machine Learning as well as AI. Toronto offers also access to many corporate partners who - such as General Motors - have located their AI labs there.

Above all the QML program offers us access to leading quantum computing manufacturers - D-Wave and Rigetti - as well as access to top quality training.

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