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    Our solution takes into account millions of data points, transmits this information to the cloud where it is then processed with the use of AI & Quantum Computers to deliver the best insights to end users. By applying AI & Quantum Computing, we are able to dramatically improve the precision of our predictions & to reduce the time in which they are performed. Our solution has key three applications:


    Automakers - for automakers a key challenge is designing the best car navigation software in order to guarantee that drivers can efficiently beat traffic. In particular in the age of connected cars there is an abundance of information that we are able to gather. This information, processed by our software and can then be used to quickly show the best routes to reach your final destination.

    Logistics - we use the same approach to assist logistics companies. Our software is able to process huge amounts of data to deliver the best results for managing and optimising the whole supply chain management process.

    Cities - running faster than real-tme simulations calibrated using sensory data (e.g., locations, velocities and routes of cars) collected from sensors (e.g., cameras, inductive loops, mobile phones, GNSS receivers) to predict undesired traffic situations (e.g., traffic jams) and assess quality of different traffic management strategies and their strengths, in order to perform appropriate actions (e.g., adapting traffic signals, proposing alternative routes for (autonomous) cars).


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