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    Behind every great innovation and great product are great people. Sometimes they’re individuals, sometimes they’re groups...


    Quantum computing and quantum programming are just like any other field of technology - they require top talent to grow and thrive. But working on the next generation of quantum algorithms and software is a difficult endeavour. It requires a unique mix of knowledge in quantum physics and strong programming skills as well as knowledge in a myriad of fields - from machine learning, to quantum chemistry.


    At BOHR∞ we strive to hire the best and work with the best. However we also believe in sharing knowledge with those that might have an interest in our field.


    For this purpose we decided to build our Bohr Technology's quantum ecosystem - the bqEcosystem.


    Our goal is simple - to embrace through it one of our core believes:

    making quantum accessible for everybody


    The bqEcosystem takes many shapes and forms. It is by no means restricted to just one action and its purpose runs beyond organizing workshops, seminars or hackathons. Any kind of action that contributes to building or sharing quantum computing knowledge is welcome.


    Our goal is to bridge that gap and share the know-how that our team has, that we acquired as a company and that we gather every day by exploring complex applications of quantum computing.

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