• problem

    Many logistics companies still rely on planning deliveries and routes with a spreadsheet. Despite many supply chain management softwares available on the market no company is free from areas which could be further automated or improved.


    To solve remaining issues in the supply chain management and logistics industry, we have developed our BOHR.LOGISTICS platform. We offer a simple AI powered system for managing in real-time deliveries and route planning.


    The main goal of our platform is to facilitate the job of logistics planners and improve their effectiveness in planning new routes and changing old ones. We automate several steps of the entire process and decrease the time it takes to plan routes.


    Our solution allows also for the integration of numerous data points which are omitted by most logistics planners.


    Overall we help reduce logistics costs by approx. 20%.

  • AI

    A lot of logistics and supply chain management software relies currently on manual input of data for each separate entry or route.


    Each different analysis must therefore be performed separately until the most optimal solution is found.


    Employing AI allows us to automate this process and run millions of different optimisations automatically through neural networks in order to choose the best.


    Many current solutions in logistics rely on software installed on each computer separately.


    Our solution relies on cloud computing which facilitates integration and scaling to more users in a given company.

    Quantum integration

    Our platform can be easily integrated with our BOHR.QSOLVER. This allows to offer more computing power to the optimisations we perform and increase their speed and scope.


    By running BOHR.LOGISTICS on Quantum Computers we offer unparalleled speed of analysis.


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