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  • problem

    Large traffic congestion is a serious civilisational as well as commercial issue, causing pollution, smog, wasted time and fuel, along with car accidents, noise, and drivers' stress. There is a need for innovative solutions, mathematical and software tools, which may reduce traffic's negative impact.


    To solve those issues we have developed the Traffic Simulation Framework (TSF) - an advanced AI software for simulating and investigating vehicular traffic in cites. It is able to run faster than real-time, agent-based, microscopic and mesoscopic traffic simulations on realistic models of road networks. The TSF uses real-world mobility data and reproduces traffic in cities with a very high accuracy.


    The software is multifunctional, its GUI facilitates defining or editing the locations and settings of traffic signals, distributions of origin and destination points and many other traffic and road network parameters.


    Our solution takes advantage of the most advanced AI algorithms to provide the best performance for its end users. In addition to this, we are partnering with world-leading manufacturers of Quantum Computers and building a Quantum powered Traffic Simulation Framework.

  • key advantages


    Current traffic simulation software relies on manual input of data for each separate configuration.


    Each different simulation must therefore be performed separately until the most optimal solution is found.


    Employing AI allows us to automate this process and run millions of different simulations automatically through neural networks in order to choose the most optimal traffic light settings.


    Current solutions for simulating vehicular traffic rely on software installed on each computer separately.


    Our solution relies on cloud computing which facilitates use and scaling to more users in a given traffic management entity.

    Quantum integration

    Our platform can be easily integrated with our BOHR.QSOLVER. This allows to offer more computing power to the simulations we perform and increase their speed and scope.


    By running BOHR.CITIES on Quantum Computers we offer unparalleled speed of analysis. This allows us to perform microscopic and highly precise simulations on a full city scale - even in the largest cities.


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